The OpenSource IoT Platform
for your personal EcoSystem

What’s John OS and an IoT EcoSystem

    We believe that anyone can use their connected objects with any service they want.
    Regardless of the technologies and brands used.

The John OS Platform allows you to design and create entire IoT solutions in just a few hours. From the creation of a connected object to the implementation of the related SW service.
Find out more about the John OS Platform and its approach to IoT solutions.

Use case

Here are some examples of IoT solutions and related ecosystems based on the John OS Platform.


The Smart Box for Digital Nomads


Keep every access to your home under control.


As an IoT platform we address three types of users and their needs.

End users

End Users, whether they are consumers or industrial, will find in John OS a system to manage all their connected objects and related services.


Anyone who needs to create a connected object has tools and agents available to customize their objects without having to write a line of code. The John OS platform supports you from prototyping to industrialization of your connected product.


By including the John Service Library (JSL), any software can access the user’s IoT ecosystem, for example to collect data from sensors or send commands to remote devices. Connecting to the correct objects and communicating with them became a matter of minutes.

Documentation & Collaboration

As open-source project it share all sources as Git repositories. On the other side you can find the platform documentation at

Given the size of this project and the large number of components to manage, we are looking for maintainers of the various repositories.

If you have development skills and want to collaborate, write to and specify your skills, we will be happy to answer you and explain how you can contribute.