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What is the JSL library?

The John Service Library (JSL) is a software library that can be included in third-party software.
Thanks to this library, software that includes it can communicate with a John ecosystem
and therefore with all objects present.
Depending on the software to be developed, different versions of the JSL are available.


If your program is developed in Java or a Java family language such as Groovy or Kotlin; you can use the Java version of the JSL library.
Like any other basic JSL library, among other things, it provides listing and filtering of available objects; access to objects based on permissions (service/user); user authentication and management; object sharing and permission management.

Android & iOS

For Mobile Applications there are specific libraries that in addition to the functions of the normal JSL library, adds utilities typical of the Android/iOS environment. From the background service, to the standard John activities, this library allows you to create Mobile Applications in a few minutes.

API & JavaScript

With the JSL Web Bridge service, part of the John Cloud Platform, you can access JSL functions via HTTP API. This service allows you to create HTTP clients that can access the John ecosystem and interact with objects. For example, like the JavaScript client.

The JOSP Service

The software of an IoT solution

The JSL library empowers developers to create a wide range of software solutions that seamlessly integrate with the John ecosystem and its connected devices.

  • OneDeviceOneApp A common approach, where a dedicated application is built to control and interact with a specific device. These specialized apps provide a tailored user experience and unlock the full potential of the connected product. They are typically supplied with the connected product.
  • Device Orchestrators Another powerful application of JSL is the creation of software platforms that coordinate and manage multiple devices simultaneously. These orchestrators act as conductors, harmonizing the operations of various connected products, enabling advanced automation, and delivering cohesive solutions that span across multiple devices.
  • Analytics or batch Services harness the data streams from connected devices to extract valuable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimizations.
  • Backup and Data Collector Solutions ensure the secure storage and archival of device data, providing a robust foundation for future analysis or historical record-keeping.
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    What you can do with JSL?

    Once the JSL library is included and initialized, your software will have full access to the John ecosystem. Use the functions offered by the JSL library to interact with objects, authenticate the user and manage the John ecosystem.

    Learn to use JSL quickly

    Just as it is extremely immediate to understand how the objects are structured and therefore to be able to make the most of their interactions.
    Thanks to the intuitive structure of the JSL library,
    it is extremely easy and fast to access information about the available objects.
    Getting started with JSL

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