Are you a Maker?
An electronics enthusiast,
an inventor, a digital artisan?

With John OS, anyone can become a Maker, regardless of their experience level. Our platform offers everything you need to create simple or complex connected objects, with advanced features such as super-interoperability, security, and local/cloud communication.
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What kind of objects can you create?

Native Objects

Develop connected objects fully integrated with the John OS ecosystem, taking advantage of all its advanced features.
Start from a base like RaspberryPi or another SoM and create your connected object from scratch.


Create gateways between your automation system and the John ecosystem. This particular object can expose all objects connected to the source system. Ideal for integrating home automation systems, industrial automation or any system based on other standards.

Cloud 2 Cloud

Like Cloud2Cloud integrations for all existing objects that provides public API or other cloud services. This kind of JOSP object can the advantage of being able to work both locally and remotely.

The JOSP Object

Connected object anatomy

In any connected object, within the John OS Platform, 3 levels and their relative components can always be identified:
  • Hardware: a CPU, a communication module and sensors and/or actuators depending on the needs. Sometimes, those sensors/actuators can also represent virtual resources.
  • Software The John Object Daemon is the main object's agent. It acts as a bridge between the hardware's firmware and the John ecosystem.
  • Representation The connected object is represented in the John OS ecosystem using an Hierarchical Structure based on 4 elemental pillars. Each JOPS Object has his own structure that can be inherited from predefined models.
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    What a JOSP Objects can provides?

    With the John Object Daemon agent, your connected object instantly becomes a JOSP object. In addition to being available to virtually any JOSP service, it gets the following out-of-the-box features.

    Speed up the creation of your JOSP Object!

    Thanks to the JOD Distribution TMPL tool, it is possible to create a connected object in a few simple steps. Set up and test your object on the development PC. After that you can test it in the field (deploy on SoM) or prepare the software package to publish wherever you want.
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