Are you an End User?
Do you have any smart objects?
Are you a maintainer of connected objects?
Do you need to analyze remote sensors?

You can add any connected object to your John ecosystem.
So you can decide which objects to use with which services.
Finally the freedom to create and manage your own IoT ecosystem
in complete autonomy.

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Why an IoT EcoSystem?

Nowadays, all connected products rely on specific technologies and protocols.
Often these differences force us to use a different services (p.e. Mobile App) for each connected object. Thus preventing us from obtaining a true integration and automation of our connected objects.
The John OS platform allows the simple integration of all these objects, even of different technologies, in a single ecosystem available to the user.
An ecosystem where the user is able to manage and use all their connected objects in one go.

Gather connected objects

Gather all your connected objects in a single point of reference. You will be able to monitor the status, send commands, manage the permissions of all your connected objects without having to change applications.

Create your IoT Solution

Any object and any service connected to your john ecosystem can communicate with each other. As long as they have the correct permissions. This means that you, as the end user, will decide which objects will be accessible from which services. Always maintaining full control of your IoT devices and the data generated.

Discover endless possibilities

Once you have purchased a connected object and configured its application, it is not over. You can search for other JOSP services that use your connected object and obtain new features.
Your IoT solutions will never stop evolving, so as to always offer you maximum power from your connected objects.

The John EcoSystem

What is it and what can it do?

Each user account on the John Cloud platform unlocks your own John ecosystem. Upon authenticating via the JCP portal, seamlessly add your connected devices. Whenever leveraging a JOSP service, simply authenticate to access and control your registered objects with ease.

  • Manage Connected Object Add your connected devices and manage them from a single reference point. Centralize all your connected devices, from smart home gadgets to industrial sensors, and effortlessly manage them through the unified John ecosystem.
  • Control access permissions Define which services can access which objects. Maintain full control by specifying the precise services and applications authorized to interact with each of your registered objects, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Share objects with family and friends Easily grant access to selected objects within your ecosystem, allowing trusted family members or friends to monitor or control specific connected devices.
  • Statistics and history out of the box Get events, historical states, and statistics from your connected objects. Gain valuable insights by accessing real-time events, reviewing historical data, and analyzing comprehensive statistics for each of your registered connected objects.
  • Perfect for home and work The John ecosystem offers all tools for perfect management of your IoT solutions in both domestic and professional environments. You can manage your home with some services and work with others.
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    What you can do with JSL?

    The John ecosystem offers end-users an unprecedented IoT experience, combining powerful features with extreme ease of use. Whether you're looking to manage your smart home or control business devices, this platform allows you to fully harness the potential of your connected objects in an intuitive and secure manner.

    Let's start creating a JOSP Account

    Start setting up your John ecosystem now. Create a JOSP account and add your connected objects. You can immediately use generic John services to access and control all your connected objects. It takes just a few minutes.
    Then search for JOSP services that can interact with your objects,
    so you can get new and interesting features.

    Create your JOSP Account

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